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Over the years I have learned the importance of a healthy diet for all my pets, not just the dogs.

Having acquired most of my pets from the local pound or as a stray, many have come to me in very bad condition health wise.

I have been fortunate to have had a vet for many years now that also recognizes the values of good nutrition and works with his pet owners to add that to their healing regiment.

I have had a dog who had constant seizures that were reduced almost to the point of non-existence by changing her diet.

I have dealth with pets who had diabetes, heart problems and just general malnutrition from being on the streets too long.

Because we live such busy lives we tend to stick our hand in the store bought dog treats too often when we really should be giving them an all natural dog treat.

Without going into a lot more of how I feel about good nutrition for your pets let me just share with you a website that I endorse where you can get 245 Healthy Recipes for your dog. There are recipes for dog food, treats, biscuits and dog bones.

My dogs really like the "Chicken Liver Cookies" Treat.

In addition you will find a recipe for Dog Shampoo that is great to help relieve a dog's dry skin and will make their coat shiney.

John also has a recipe to kill insects in your yard while also fertilizing your soil. Don't spray you yards with pesticides that are dangerous to your pets.

Go visit John Miller's site and let him tell you more about his healthy food recipes for healthy dogs. "Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes".

You will be able to enjoy a healthy companionship with your pet for years to come.


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